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Structure constants of SU(N)

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    Hi there,

    Does anybody know how to exploit the product of structure constants of SU(N) through Kroenecker deltas? I mean

    [tex]\sum_a f_{abc}f_{ade}[/tex]

    I know this for SU(2) as in this case I have the Levi-Civita symbol but in other cases I was not able to recover it in literature. Any help appreciated.

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    Thanks a lot Sam. This was the formula I was looking for.

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    Dear Sam & Lester

    Can you please tell me any book reference for these identities involving $d^{abc}$ in jacobi identity and the structure constants contraction.

    Thanks in advance
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    Dear samalkhaiat

    Your formula for jacobi identity is wrong. Actually it should have all d^{abc} instead of the f^{abc} everywhere. The correct Jacobi identity is:


    Kindly provide me any references for contraction formula for structure constants of SU(N).

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