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Structure of 1s and 2s orbitals

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    From the ψ2 vs r graph (i.e probability of finding an electron vs distance from nucleus graph), there are no nodes for 1s orbital while there is a node in the 2s orbital graph.But they have similar structures right? Then why is there a difference in finding the probability of finding an electron? Also, the p-orbitals 2p,3p,etc have similar structures. Then why is there a difference in number of nodes? Can someone explain this by providing images of 1s,2s orbitals?
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    What is the significance of the node? The image I have of 1s is a cloud enveloping the nucleus. Everywhere within this cloud has a chance of containing "the electron", hence no node.
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    You can factorize the wavefunction into a radial function and the angular function (which is a spherical harmonic). For 1s and 2s, the angular part is the same, but the radial part isn't.
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