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Structure of boehmite

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    does anyone have any idea for the structure of boehmite?
    i only found that is the γ - AlOOH.

    any links would be really helpfull. ty.

    sorry for my english
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    thank you very much.

    i have a colloidal that is boehmite.the structure of the coloidal would be like a polymer assuming that the monomer has the structure above?

    thank you.sorry for my english
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    We really can't help you much unless you completely describe your system and try to write down exactly what you want to know about the structure.

    In general, Boehmite colloids are used for making composites (more recently, nano-composites) with polymers like polyamides. The boehmite particles have been observed with highly anisotropic rod-like shapes. The synthesis itself often involves a colloidal dispersion in some dilute acidic medium that, at certain concentrations exhibits a nematic, liquid-crystal phase.
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    i have a colloidal system of boehmite rods.beside the dls sls mesurments i want to calculate its free energie of the system using a programme called tinker and i also want to calculate the attraction between the molecule and the solvent using another programme called gaussian.
    To run this programmes i have to give them as input the structrure of the molecule ( in this case colloid ) i want to be calculated.i have no idea what is the structure of a colloid molecule.
    thank you
  7. Oct 8, 2009 #6
    any publication about boehmite rods like shape and liquid cristal phase to give or show ?
    Thank you
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