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Structure of liquids

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    What is the structure of the liquids??isn't there any way by which we can differentiate between structure of liquids....And above all what is that "thing" present between individual atoms in liquid state?
    All these questions arose while studying phase diagrams...because we had FCC,BCC(etc.) for solids,,but what about that thing which represents orderness of liquids..
    I am curious..
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    I don't really know much about liquids but as far as I know liquids are described by correlation functions which tell one the distance distribution between the atoms/molecules. Liquids aren't ordered in the same way as solids and the differentiation is probably done via looking at the average distance between the constituents.

    Water is an exception. It has solid like propertities and there are some interesting mysteries left about it.
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    Thanks Inha for replying,,that makes sense...
    i am looking for more insight...Can anyone suggest..
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