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Struggling in Physics

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    I'm taking IB SL physics this year. I've already taken it last year, and I didn't enjoy it much. Due to IB guidelines, I'm somewhat obliged to finish off this year. Sadly, I have a physics exam to write at the end of this year, which is causing me incredible stress. I first considered pursuing an engineering career, but, after a lot of reflection this summer, I decided to reconsider my future major. To be honest with you, I chose physics last year under my dad's influence. Now, I am "stuck" with taking physics. Do you have any suggestions on how I can better my physics skills and handle this subject in a way that I could enjoy it...????

    (Anyone who has had trouble with physics, please share you experience and let me know what career you pursued at the end).

    Thank you very much!
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    Whats the problem. Do you not like physics, is it too hard, boring, is there too much maths, or not enough maths so you don't understand why something happens?
    Even if you don't do any more physics it's still a good basis for lots of other things.

    Most people on this board probably enjoy physics - so we might not be the best people to ask!
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    Everybody has trouble at some point in physics. Take for instance relativity. Some of the ideas are off the chain. Physics, just like mathematics, takes contemplation and plenty of practice.
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    Fear can make you find reasons to dislike a subject, even if you really do enjoy it. I think before you make any decision you should reflect on why you are struggle. Once you ID your problem(s) then ask yourself, "am I willing to correct these problems or is it to much effort?" If it is the former, then go for physics if it is the latter, then it'll be for the best if you left.
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    As far as motivation goes, i cant help tou there, but as a former IB physics student id advice you to get your hands on as many Past papers as possible. youll notice that many of the questions are highly standardized and the IB tends to ask very similar questions year after year. Do a few papers and check the procedure they expect from you with a teacher and mark scheme and you should do just fine. Good luck
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    Yup, i totally agree with him. sure you can take a few breaks in between but remember what you are doing and what you can achieve from it! GOOD LUCK!
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