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Struggling Through College

  1. Jun 19, 2014 #1
    Hi. I am currently a sophomore attending UT Austin and majoring in Physics. Over the past year I have become very discouraged. I am not doing as well as I expected to do. I remember when I was young and I had straight D's and C's in elementary school .... I then turned this around and became a straight A student through middle school and high school. And now I don't know why I'm struggling so much. I made a C in Physics 1 (mechanics). I feel like I am a very skeptical person. I like asking the reason as to why (for example) F=ma. But the speed of college seems to foster more of an environment where you accept what you are told rather than think about why things are the way they are. This skeptical attitude is probably is not helping me.

    Also ... I feel as though I cannot focus in class. For some reason I cannot watch someone do physics or math problems .... I always have to do them myself. I cannot learn in class or in time sensitive situations. I feel as though the time limit on tests causes a lot of stress for me. I think visually and can usually solve physics problems with a picture and where I struggle with is translating this into the math formulas. I am very passionate about physics and am willing to work harder/am trying to change things to do better. Has anyone gone through this problem/difficulty and have some advice? Please help!

    Thank you
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    Physics 1 - Mechanics is difficult. Study the chapter sections BEFORE the lecture presentations on them. If still too confused after lecture, ask questions during your professor's office hours. You are still learning new concepts and you are still learning how to analyze exercise descriptions.
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