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Struggling to try RCWA modeling with nanostructured antireflection films.

  1. Feb 26, 2012 #1
    A bit of a newbie here, as well as a newbie to modeling and RCWA. I've found a few python packages that are quite nice, but really don't know where to start for modeling nanostructures like moth-eye films. It does seem everyone is doing it, but no one is sharing their model files etc. :)

    I'm playing with EMpy right now, and could also work with RODIS most likely...

    http://empy.sourceforge.net/ [Broken]

    Has anyone here dabbled in RCWA? Have you tried complex nanostructured films like moth-eyes or arrays of cones before?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

    ps- I'm quite new to the topic at hand, I am dabbling in it from a freak result from some thin-film growths. I apologize for being horribly un-knowledgable here! :(
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