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Struggling with analysis math

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    Hi! I'm struggling with analysis at the moment and here's one question that I'm struggling with! COuld somebody please explain what I need to do, using a delta/epsilon definition
    The question is:

    Define what it means for a function f to be continuous at a point a.

    (a) Prove directly from your definition that f(x) = x^3 is continuous

    (b) Give an example of a function that is continuous except at
    x = 1, where it is not continuous.

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    u can see the reply of Matt Grime in the post epsilon and delta....
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    f(x)=0 ,x<1
    f(x)=1 ,x>1
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    [tex]f(x)=2.3456712345, x\neq{1}, f(1)=-\frac{\pi^{tan(Sinh(0.5))}}{3.77}[/tex]
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