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Homework Help: Struggling with homework Question

  1. Sep 8, 2009 #1
    Hi guys I have a take home assignment for physics and I really need to do well or I'm going to fail the semester and I just really need some help with some questions I'm really stressing. Any help would be so appreciated beyond belief!

    Question 1:
    A glass is half-full of water, with a layer of oil (n = 1.55) floating on top. A ray of light traveling downward through the oil is incident on the water at an angle of 73.8°. Take the refraction index of water to be 1.333.

    (a) Determine the critical angle for the oil-water interface.

    (b) Will the ray penetrate into the water? 1 = yes, 2 = no: Type the number of the correct answer.

    Question 2:

    A ray of sunlight is passing from diamond into crown glass; the angle of incidence is 31.00°. The indices of refraction for the blue and red components of the ray are: blue (ndiamond = 2.444, ncrown glass = 1.531), and red (ndiamond = 2.410, ncrown glass = 1.520).
    Determine the angle between the refracted blue and red rays in the crown glass. Give your answer to two significant figures.

    and the final question I just have no idea what to do, any help much appreciated.

    Question 3:

    A slide projector has a converging lens whose focal length is 119.00 mm. (a) How far (in meters) from the lens must the screen be located if a slide is placed 121.81 mm from the lens? If the slide measures 24.0 mm (height) x 36.0 mm (width), what are the magnitudes of the (b) width (in mm) and (c) height (in mm) of its image?
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    Can someone move my post to homework section. Apologies to all.
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    In the futrue please post a single question per thread.

    We need to to show us that you have but some thought into these questions. Have you discussed anything in class that might help you with these proplems?
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