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I Stubs in a tracker

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    Hello! I am reading some stuff about the tracker of a detector in a particle collider and I am not sure I know what stubs are. They appear without any definition: "To be used for the primary vertex finding task, the resulting tracks must have stubs in at least four different tracker layers". I didn't really find a definition online. From this sentence I guess a stub is like an accumulation of energy in certain cells inside a layer of a tracker (those cells form the stub) but I am not totally sure. Can someone clarify this? (I am reading about the CMS detector) Thank you!
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    Vanadium 50

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    A stub is a short track.
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    Accumulation of energy is something you'll find in a calorimeter, not a tracker.
    The CMS tracking detector has several layers where both sides are instrumented, so you can look for places in the detector where both sides had a hit at the same place.
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