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Stuck at Griffiths's concepts

  1. May 14, 2007 #1
    After reading the example of a current carrying wire frame "carrying up" a weight in Griffiths's EM book (#ch 5,p-210) a numerous times,...,just now it seems to me that I missed an important point to note earlier.
    I am quoting from him."...but now it also has a horizontal component (quB), which opposes the flow of current..."
    This means as if unaided charges will slow down.But that is not possible.In fact the battery-aided charges continue to execute w motion along horizontal,allowing the magnetic force component to act on themselves.
    See that the magnetic force component quB and the w motion of charges are occuring along the same line.Should not we say that work is being done against magnetic force or, it is doing a negative work?
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