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Stuck at solving this line

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    I've been trying to invent a formula for solving certain sides and angels on objects... and I've tried many different ways to get the formula for it, I think I might have it, but theres this one line I can't figure out how to solve... help would be appreciated.

    -4 ln | (csc53 + cot53) = -3 ln | (cscx + cot x)

    -2.78 = -3 ln | (cscx + cot x)

    -2.78 / 3 = -ln ( (1/sinx) + (1/tanx))

    then... how can I get x from that....
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    Well, this is how I'd do it.


    Asinx=1+cosx, where A is the constant on the LHS.

    Asinx-cosx=1. Then just use a computer to solve this?
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    Well, remove the minus signs, and get:
    Agreed so far?
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    then is not 1+cos an identity of something? hmm
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    telll me if this was an illigal move...

    1+cos(x) = 2.526 / sin (x)

    1 = 2.526 tan(x)

    1/2.526 = tan(x)

    x = 21.3 degrees
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    I presume your first line was meant to read 1+cosx=2.526 sinx (typo?)

    However, yes that is an "illegal move". You have divided both sides by cosx, but have missed off the term 1/cosx from the LHS
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    ya, that was a typo.. and I realized that after I submited that:mad:
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