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Homework Help: Stuck car out of the mud problem

  1. Nov 17, 2007 #1
    In an effort to pull a stuck car out of the mud, the driver ties a 10m rope to the bumper and a nearby tree. He then pushes with a force of 200N on the center of the rope?

    a) If he moves 1.0m, the force pulling on the car at that time will be ?
    b) the distanced the car moved is ?

    a= I dont really understand the question, isnt the force 100N or is it 50N because it is in the center.

    b= is the distanced 1m from question a .

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    Shooting Star

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    The problem, as you have stated it, is not possible to solve. There are so much missing infmn here. A diagram would help. Is the mud in the same level as the road?
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