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Homework Help: Stuck on a simple Series

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    It's a nice li'l series. The question is to find an expression for the series


    where m is a subset of N

    I added and subtracted sum of even squares to get


    Replaced the first part by [(2m-1)(2m)/2]^2 to get


    now All I need to complete the problem is to get the general formula for the sum of cubes of the first n even natural numbers, plug the values and evaluate. Can anyone please help?

    Also, Please let me know if there is an alternative way to solve this problem.
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    I'd use the sum of an AP to solve this. Unless I've read the question wrong.
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    No, sum of cubes is not an arithmetic progression.

    23+ 43+ 63+ . . .
    = 23+ (2*2)3+ (2*3)3+ ...
    = 23(1+ 23+ 33+...)

    Do you know the formula for the sum of cubes?
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    Oh! Thank you. I'm kicking myself for not figuring that out :)
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