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Homework Help: Stuck on an integral

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    i have a double integral to reverse the order of and then integrate, i have reversed the order fine, however i am VERY stuck on the integration of the function in the first integral

    integrate sin(y)/(x+y) dx between 0 and y

    any pointers greately appreciated
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    You're integrating wrt x, right? So sin(y) is a contant as far as the integration is concerned.
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    so it would just be sin(y) * integral 1/(x+y)

    therefore sin(y) * ln(x+y)

    if so im going to feel like a fool :P
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    if this is the case i have now integrated it and subbed for (y) (from the limits) to get sin(y)*ln(2y) but i must now integrate that function wrt y, which is even harder than the first function >.< and i am very stuck, maybe integration by parts here?
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    Don't feel like a fool; the thing is so. Post the bounds so we can help...
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    ok the original integral was between y and 0 hence getting sin(y)*ln(2y)

    now the integral is that function ive just typed between pi/2 and 0 dy

    im muchos stuck
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    [tex] -\int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2}} \sin y \ \ln 2y \ dy =-\left[ \mbox{Ci}\left( \frac{1}{2}\pi \right) +\ln 2-\gamma\right][/tex].

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    The bounds on the first integral are y and 0 right? So just enter the bounds correctly. Don't skip too many steps or you might miss a simplification:

    Which doesn't even depend on y, so the integral is easy as pie.
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    thanks :)

    i just forgot to seperate the variables and made life hard on myself
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