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Stuck on the following integral

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    Hi, I am kinda stuck on the following integral:


    any hints?
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    If you let

    y^2 = \frac{{1 + x}}{{1 - x}} \Leftrightarrow x = \frac{{y^2 - 1}}{{y^2 + 1}}

    The integral will become fraction of rationals, losing the square root.
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    so are you saying to substitute that for x?
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    or by making this substitution, the square root will be taken away
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    Or you could do the trig substitution [tex]x = \sin\theta[/tex]
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    Yes, use that substitution to lose the square root.

    I already solved for x as well, which allows you to easily find dx in terms of dy by differentiating both sides.
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