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Homework Help: Stuck on vector integral, Calc III log_2

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    Hello everyone i'm stuck on this problem its an integral but i don't know how to integrate the log_2 part, i converted it to natural log:
    Here is what I have:
    http://img278.imageshack.us/img278/1158/integral9lo.jpg [Broken]
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    As you say

    [tex]\log _2 t = \frac{{\ln t}}{{\ln 2}}[/tex]


    [tex]\int {\log _2 tdt = } \int {\frac{{\ln t}}{{\ln 2}}} dt = \frac{1}{{\ln 2}}\int {\ln tdt} [/tex]

    So now it's just integrating ln(t)dt. If you don't remember how, think integration by parts with f = lnt and dg = dt.
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