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Student of physics with OCD

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    I need some help regarding some stuff.
    I'm now a 3rd year student of physics, my Uni which is the most resp ectble and affordable in my country,which i was capable to go to.
    The uni use the old french system of education , you choose what you want to study(math , physics ,....),and they have a one program for everyone,meaning no credit or anything , i have about ~25 course to take in last 3 years (first year we take the baiscs).
    Anyway I still have a 4th year to do , my degree will be equivalent to Master1 (europen system),But it will be a degree in General physics.
    I want after I finish my 4th year , to go to france to continue In QCD trough my Master2 and Phd degrees, I looked up what i should continue in my Master2 degree.
    Now to come to the problem I found there is an educational gap for me between my 4th year and over there.
    For example One of the course i'll be taking is QFT,well I studied Varaitional Mechanics and the Lagrangien and Hamiltonien formalism ,but we only took a introduction , I never studied Field theory.
    If it's neccecary I will translate the material will be studied to english,I have to know what previous formalism will be need for me to be able to continue.
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    So are you asking what you need to know before you can study QCD ?

    Well, that's "easy" : QFT

    I recommend books like QFT in a Nutshell by A. Zee to start with.
    Then Peskin, Weinberg, etc etc...

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    Good , i have another question if for example i was to continue my studies in subatomic physics will it be a good way to start from,Since i couldn't really find something more specific ?

    BTW I was recommanded for Peskin , I have a feeling it will be a good book to get,And i was recommanded to get F.mandel QFT book.

    I have 3 books called:
    - Subatomic Physics By Hans Frauenfelder and Ernest M.Henly
    - Nuclear Physics By Daniel Blanc (it's in french)
    - Gauge Field Theory An Introduction By J.Leite Lopes
    are they any good?
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