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Student participation in university administration

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    I was wondering about all your universitities out there, to what extend can students participate in the running of your university?

    At my university, it's quite extensive. There are 8 students sitting on the university Board (yours truly included for the science faculty), and in any council you can imagine, be it on the university, faculty or department level. Roughly 20% of the votes in any of these things are in the hands of students.

    Special mention goes to the Social Council, which decides the policy for every social instance imaginable : housing, the cafeteria, student grants, the medical facilities, the sport infrastructure.... This is entirely in the hands of students, with advisors from the university administration of course.

    So, how are things done where you come from? Do students have a say in how things are done in your university?
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    We have two elected student representatives from every year of every course. These people can swing just as much weight as any staff on the board, and can influence any decision made by the university.

    These days, students are essentially customers of the university, so it makes sense to consider their opinions when making decisions.
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    yea not so in US.
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    We have an proper student Gymkhana in our college..The President of Gymkhana is elected from final year Students and this Post occupies a tremendous Power...that is when a new step is to be taken into the college that can't be done without the consent of President Of Gymkhana...It has Power to do anything and it runs directly in the hands of Students
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    I think our university has some sort of student body but i dont think (and hope) they dont have much power. With all the students ive known in my life... i wouldnt trust any of them with anything :D
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    we've got 2 students out of a zillion people on the university senate, and a gutless student union.
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    Exactly the same situation where I am. Fortunately, there is too much beauracracy for anyone to do any serious damage (this applies to the administrators as well as student bodies). Makes you think.
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