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Student, points

  1. Jan 30, 2012 #1
    Hi to all!
    I don`t know to do this tasks, so I would much apriciate if someone can help

    1) The student fills IQ test (true - false based).There is m offered answers on each of N questions. For every question student knows the answer (with probability P) or answering by random (with probability 1-P), and his answer is correct with the probability of 1/m.

    a) Determine the probability that the student really knew the answer to the first question, if we know that he gave a correct answer.
    b) Determine the probability that the student will complete correctly the entire test.

    2) Two points are randomly selected (M1 and M2) along the line L (L => 1). Determine the probability that the M1M2 <1?

    Desperately need help :(
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