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Student team - building a satellite - want to join - problem:i'm a biotech student.

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    Let me put the facts first: -

    A students team from my college is building a satellite, under guidance from professors and research institutes. The students belong to the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the professors/mentors/contribtors are from varied institutions like IIT-M, TIFR, ISRO and others.

    They have planned to expand the team and I want to join them as a member, mainly because I want to be involved in a multi disciplinary project right now. My problem is, I am a second year student for a B. Tech. program in biotechnology, and there is no direct contribution that knowledge from my branch can provide to the project.

    However, I DO know that there is some overlap in or Biotech courses (dwelving into computer science, applied mechanics and electronics) and the CS/Electronics and electrical engineering/Material Sciences courses.

    So, My question, in a nutshell, is... What subsystem of the satellite program should i register for?

    I am posting additional information in a new post.
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    Re: Student team - building a satellite - want to join - problem:i'm a biotech studen

    The subsystems that I can work on in the satellite programme are: -

    * Altitude Determination and Control System
    * Communication System
    * Electrical Power System
    * Onboard Computing and Data Management System
    * Structures and Thermal Control System
    * Payload - Magnetometer
    * Payload - High Energy Particle Detector

    Additional details of the program/subsystems can be viewed on www.indianphysicists.com[/url]. Direct link - [PLAIN]http://indianphysicists.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=57 [Broken]

    My Biotech Corse has the following course topics, this is not an exhaustive list,

    * Biochemistry
    * Genetics and Molecular Biology
    * Reaction Engineering Fundamentals
    * Transport Processes and Unit Operations
    * Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology
    * Genetic Engineering
    * Biochemical Engineering
    * Bioinformatics
    * Structural Biology
    * Immunology
    * Plant Biotechnology
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