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Student version of AutoCAD?

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    Where can I find a student version of AutoCAD? I have looked and can not find one. Surely they offer one. I bought the student version of MATLAB and have been extremely happy with it.
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    Have you tried your college bookstore? How about googling "student autocad buy"...

    edit: the student version is called "AutoCAD LT", btw, so a google for that will find it too.
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    Thanks russ. But I think that AutoCAD LT would work for me. AutoCAD LT is a scaled down version of AutoCAD that is for 2D designs. My class requires the 3D functionality. But I have found a site that sells a student version that lasts a year for $160. Here is the link if anyone is interested:
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    hmmmm not that i condone it, but i recall pirated versions of EVERYTHING doing the rounds at college??
    on that note actually i think such software should be given out free to students, they charge you for a student version of autocad, matlab whatever, which your not going to get financial gain from as student anyway!so that when you qualify you'll buy them, give them more dosh!

    they shold adopt the banking worlds mentallity, banks give great deals for students, free atm cards, no charges for drafts etc (some even give intrest free overdrafts), all because they know its in the banks long term interest!
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    Mmm. Definitely DO NOT use pirated software when you're a student. Having all that functionality for your studies, and training yourself to use something which will be invaluable for use in industry, whilst not really costing the software company anything since if you can use their software, you'll be buying industrial licenses in a few years time anyway, would just be a silly idea.

    Wink wink.
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    You can find the student version by searching through internet.There are various sites on internet that provide student version of internet.
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    The student version is free online to download off of the AUTOCad website. I know so because I got it this morning, it's a free three year subscription. You just have to register
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