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Students of MIT

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    Hey there ,

    I wonder If there 's any graduated or undergraduated who studies Nuclear engineering in MIT. I 'd like to know their text books and other stuffs about this department . Please contact me .
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    The Prince,

    About 30 years ago; we used "Nuclear Reactor Analysis" by MIT's Allan F. Henry.
    Great professor - too bad he's no longer with us.

    I also recall "The Atomic Nucleus" by Robley Evans, also of MIT.

    MIT - great place to study - what else do you want to know?

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    Hey Dr.Greenman,

    Thanks for your quick responed. Yep , We use this text book as well since our Professor is one of Prof. Henry's students . I really face some problems since we were using "Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory" by John Lamarch. I wounder if they use it in MIT????? .
    Best regards,
    _The Prince.
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    Most schools have web sites for each class, and these websites normally list required textbooks.

    - Warren
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    The Prince.

    I'm one of Professor Henry's students myself. Perhaps I know your Prof.
    [One of my contemporaries is at Polytechnic Montreal]

    Larmarswh is a standard text - practically everyone uses it - but not at MIT.
    It was mentioned as a supplemental text.

    I would bet they use something like Duderstadt and Hamilton now.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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