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Studies in Biotechnology HELP

  1. Mar 5, 2005 #1
    Studies in Biotechnology HELP!!!

    I am going to complete 12 years of schooling next year, finishing my 12th grade according to the american system, i would like to know how to pursue pure research in biotechnology after that , are any special courses available? what colleges, universities are good for it??, i know the scope is trememdous, but i want to do researcH, somebody please help me in this, evryone is welcome with suggestions
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    As far as I know, not too many universities here in America offer biotechnology as a major. There some universities which are starting bioengineering departments which might be the closest to what you are interested in. Or you can always major in molecular biology/biochemistry/chemistry. Everything is so interdisplinary these days that it might be best to study a core field and pursue specific interests in your graduate career.
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