Study 8086 intel MuP

  1. In our classes we usually study 8086 intel MuP. But there is running Pentium-4 but in books you don't know about there internal structure and no info. in any site....then how can we know about the latest technology???
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  3. try this for start
  4. Intel P4 page

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    You're going to have a hard time getting into the state of the art products of these companies without, well, joining the company. The internals of their currently-selling products are essentially trade secrets. Only when the products are obseleted do the companies feel safe releasing those secrets.

    Also, you have to start with simple examples first. That's just good pedagogy.

    - Warren
  6. That's true but this is totally impossible for us, the citizen of the 3rd world countries
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    I won't worry too much. I'm sure Intel would love to outsource american jobs to your country.
  8. :smile: Thanks dduardo for your inspiring words
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