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Study about bedrest.

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    bedrest vs up and about
    what im wondering. has there been a study which actually proves that bedrest is the best solution when it comes to like common cold or flu. Not really taking into account drugs and such. like have everyone taking the same thing and such.

    now assuming that bedrest is the best solution.
    what would be best. LOTS and LOTS of sleep or almost no sleep at all. or not changing at all i guess would be the other.

    like ive recently left the country and they require you to have all vaccinations and hepatitus and all that malarky. well i brutally hate needles so i skipped the days in school when they were doing that stuff. but i got them over 3 stops over 2 months. and the first one i had a thing to goto. so i basically was up for like 20 hours before getting to bed and i was pretty sick for a couple days. no booze or anything. it just plowed me. the second time i went straight home and i only had 6 hours sleep so i went to bed;looking for a short nap. was in bed for another 8 hours. woke up and man i was mega buzzed with energy. and the third time. i just did what i normally do and i was sick until later that night and i went to bed and woke up feeling good.
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