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Study gravitational Physics?

  1. Sep 21, 2010 #1
    Study gravitational Physics??

    I am an undergraduate physics student at Temple University in Philly. I have been interested in gravity and general relativity since my junior year in high school. I also love quantum mechanics (at least its crazy implications).

    I am thinking of a direction for the future. Even though I have a few years to think about it, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask now.

    I plan to do well on all my physics courses, engage in research with professor and summer research programs (hopefully I get in). Out of all areas in physics, I'd say general relativity is my favorite subject, followed by quantum mechanics and such. Gravity is what I really like. I would like to know if there's much research in gravitational physics (like detecting gravitational waves from magnetars or w.e). Is there a "future" as far as employment or careers if I pursue this direction in physics?

    I would love to apply to the top tier physics schools, but I am realistic too. Are graduate physics programs in the University of Maryland and Penn State tough to get into? I like their physics programs because it entails a community of theoretical physicists and cool research in really cool topics. Penn State has the Institute of Gravitation and the Cosmos, which I have a longing to do research in. Are they really tough to get into? I really have no idea. As far as competition is concerned, I am only familiar with medical school admissions.

    Thanks for the feedback ;)
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    Re: Study gravitational Physics??

    What is your GPA and GRE scores? Knowing these will help me better assess your chances. I will say that University of Maryland and Penn State are not super difficult to get into if you have a decent profile. They are certainly not as difficult to get into as the other top schools in gravity. Feel free to send me a private message if you would prefer to discuss things that way.
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