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    Hello, I was wondering ways to study without getting bored, i am currently self studying phyics and find some things excessively boring thus trying to avoid it. I know its bad but whenever I sit down I just go back to watching TV or something. As well, my mind wanders alot and Im extremely hyperactive, i move around excessively. Therefore, I was wondering some input to studying because i find when i waste my day i feel like s***. I would like some help and as well i like stuff that's tricky, not using rote memorization. Thanks for the help
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    Try different places. I know I can't study at home, there are way too many distractions. So I stay on campus after my classes are finished and do my homework there. Not only is it easier to focus for me but I get to meet all sorts of people in the process who are doing the same and who knows, maybe they have the same class and you could help each other out. Go to the library, park or someplace else. Anywhere but home where it's a lot easier to just hop on Facebook or watch TV.

    As for making things more entertaining I have to wonder, why are you teaching yourself physics? I would think that you'd have an interest in the subject if you wanted to go so far as to teach it to yourself. Try finding ways to relate whatever it is you're currently learning in physics to whatever it is that got you interested in the subject in the first place.
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    I've taken an intro course to physics, finished it and just want to learn more about it. and thank you for the help
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