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Study plan for self teaching?

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    Does anyone know how I should go about self teaching myself chemistry, physics and math for the goals of the respective high school olympiads for each one? I'm thinking of using Atkins Chemistry, Halliday and Resnick, and Problem Solving Strategies. Any other ideas or advice from people who have performed well on these olympiads before?
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    His Physical chemistry book? The chemistry olympiad definitely doesn't go as far as physical chemistry. It DOES do SOME organic chemistry though - so you probably want an ochem book on that. Carey's Organic Chemistry book has a solutions manual that has answers to all the problems.

    For chemistry, Zumdahl chemistry is good. Halliday is often used by other people who study for the physics olympiad. There is a way to get the full instructors solution manual for Halliday - but I probably shouldn't mention how to get it here. :p

    Oh and A LOT of people @ http://www.artofproblemsolving.com study for all 3 olympiads.
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    wow that's insane. Do you really think you can do that?
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