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Studying about "time".

  1. Sep 10, 2015 #1
    Hi there. I am really interested in the topic of "time". Being a layman in Physics, I don't really understand much about it. Though I work in the Aviation Industry and want to pursue my career there, I also wish to do a bachelor's degree in Physics if possible. And probably a master's too. I want to study and do a master's / bachelor's in Physics - "time" topic. I hope I was able to explain that, you know, time, second, C = 3 × 10^8 m/s and stuff. I would like to know which sub department of Physics deals with time? Is it the General Relativity or Special Relativity? Or another department?
    I would like to research on time, preferably time travel, eternity and stuff, though it looks much philosophical, but ya.
    I hope someone can give me an idea as to which department this topic belongs to. Thanks.
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    Both special and general relativity offer insights into the nature of time (e.g., that it flows at different rates in different reference frames). Quantum mechanics and statistical physics also offer insights (e.g., concerning the "arrow of time"). At the same time (no pun intended), many issues surrounding time still live squarely in the land of philosophy, so you'll want to be careful which question you ask if you want it to be answerable using physics!

    As an aside, you might enjoy Paul Nahin's book, Time Machines. It's a popularization, but I had fun reading it.
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