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Studying Abroad

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    I have been talking with my academic advisors about doing the Study Abroad program from school and taking classes in Germany next spring or summer semester. Just curious what y'alls thoughts are on studying abroad. I particularly want to hear from those who have actually done studying overseas while enrolled in an American university; however, I'm open to all comments on the subject of "Studying Abroad"....especially in Germany.

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.

    **If you guys know of any links off-hand about Germany (history, culture, etc.) please share them with me. Thanks.
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    I'm in Muenchen right now. I'm not really studying abroad though. I'm using a nanofabrication facility here to do some research. I'd say Muenchen is a nice place to be in the summer-time.

    I've been to most of the major cities in Germany... my conclusion is that the girls in eastern Germany are prettier than the girls in southern Germany... but the southern German girls are more likely to walk around naked.

    I wouldn't recommend studying here until you've completed your fouth semester of German. I think you'd get more out the experience that way.

    Keep in mind a few things about the German education system. They attend public school for thirteen years as opposed to the American twelve. So, their last year of high school is like our first year of college; however, unlike Americans, they don't take calculus or calculus-based physics until they go to college. Also, unlike America, their curricula is very rigid. Students do not have as much freedom when it comes to choosing classes. If a person is a physics major, he/she basically just takes the required physics courses... atomic, quantum, solid state, physics-related math, etc... there really aren't any special topics classes. Also, college students do not take electives (ie no humanities, social or biological science is required for a physics major). Traditionally, there are no bachelors degrees in Germany. Basically, everyone who completes college in Germany gets the equivalent of a Master's degree (it's called a Diploma). Another oddity is that there are not regular exams in German college classes. They have two qualifiers -- one in the middle of the college career and one at the end.

    I think you should know these last pieces of information, simply so that you know where you'd fit in in the German system. Hope that helps.

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    ...Depends on the broad.

    Oh come on, somebody had to say it!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Re: Re: Studying Abroad...

    I can't believe Entropy didn't jump on that one!
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    Re: Re: Re: Studying Abroad...

    Jump on what? the broad? :smile:
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