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Studying computers.

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    What's the point in studying technology anyway? Isn't the point that it just makes us lazyier and more comfortable? :p
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    What a bizarre idea..
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    heh. I mean, I'm good at math. Not so good at language tho. But what's the good things about studying it? Or what's the point of it anyway? Or should I rather choose something languagic because I feel it's more important. Help me here... I know I'm bizarre and this is the philosophy forums anyway :biggrin:
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    This is a silly Question

    I don't know if you are sarcastic..but these are my views on Computer Technology, so I will try incorporate Science with an Art (philosophy thread no?) but expressing my ideas.

    Computer Technology, throws us Forward into the future, because it enables the Quick Sharing of Information through the Internet and Data Processing making Information easy to find and Retrieve and re-compute.
    Healthy Progress
    Thats one point.
    Another is Data Processing, we can now facilitate Company management and access Records and folders immediately without the need of wasting valuable time.
    Thats a Second point.
    It allows the sharing and facilitates the creation of Media, gives children the medium for them Express their Creativity and upload their creative media to people with similar interests.
    Gives Inspiration & Allows expression of creativity.
    Thats a third point.
    Community, it allows ordinary people to be in a community.
    IM/ EMAIL/ WEBPAGES , allows Communication of Ideas to be easily distributed to the masses without censorship.
    Thats a 4th point.
    Computer Technology is involved in Hospital Applications (Machines, Creating Artificial organs, brain mapping and imaging, DNA, Aids the plight to find a cure for Cancer) gives patients an opportunity to go on the internet to Self Diagnose and prescribe medicine to themselves, Security (including Smart Weapons which do not harm but incapacitate).
    5th point.
    Information About Every single thing on the earth is a click away (information conservation)
    6th point
    Huge Medium for Entertainment,
    7th point
    Job Facilitation (through IM/Data Processing Systems, Immediate Communication of Information at a mouse click).

    I could go on, but the list is too long.
    Computers are about Storing & Manipulating Information.
    This is my opinion, that Computer Technology is Important and there are many reasons to study the Machine that Stores and manipulates information and that is because
    Data is made into Information by the computer and the User can use the information and turn information into Knowledge and Knowledge is Power
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    oh Nono I'm sorry, not being sarcastic, I'm never sarcastic :), just joking. I have some fundamental opinions about it that are negative(possibly more on personal basis) like that if we are happy enough we don't need to be more comfortable but love to work and have fun together on a close connection. At the same time I like to do computers, and I'm probably going to study it so I want to know more about if why. So it's all those sides I mean. And I didn't know where else to put it right now. And thanks a bunch for my part! *bows* *reading*

    I... feel like computers is mostly interest. You gotto study it if it interest you, and if you do it can, well it can be so encompassing it can take up your whole life so much that you could even sit infront of it the rest of your life and still strangely be reasonably happy :) And on second thought I wonder if I could look at it more positively if I read the historic devellopment.
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    You're thinking very narrowly of the uses of comoputers. Without computers we can turn back the clock on most of the sciences, including much that we've been able to learn in medicine, genetics, physics and astronomy (the list is endless) in the last few decades etc. etc. They have helped solve monstrously complex calculations that would take decades to solve by hand (in principle, since no one would have attempted them).
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    Not sure if this for me, but I did mention that in the first point called Healthy Progress.
    Complex Calculations are solved so fast, not only because of algorithmic programs that test, map and work them out only,the reason progress has been faster is because of the Sharing of Information.

    Read The Double Helix, communication between scientists was not easy.
    You had to travel around the world to find people and share ideas.
    Wheras now A chinese, a german and an American could be working on One Idea thousands of miles from each other in the comfort of their own home.

    If every single bit information that is discovered is immediately put on the internet , Progress would Triple.
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    Computer Science is a Discipline Built on Physics and Pure Maths, if it interests you, you have to be good at Physics and Pure maths. ( right now I'm studying Pure Maths at a higher level and physics at a lower level to Read for a Computer Engineering Degree ).
    Oh and by the way, Computer Architecture will blow your mind ! if you ever do think of doing a course at a post-Secondary level.

    Well If you want to read the historic development of computers, I recommend a Film that coincidentally I saw 2 days ago, Called " Pirates of Silicon valley(1999) ".
    About the Development of Personal Computers.
    It might not be very accurate, but it is based on a very True story.
    The Huge Feud between Microsoft a Company that had Nothing and Successful Apple that had everything.
    It is very good film.
    You could also browse for some Discovery Documentaries... theres one called History of Hacking... I remember my friend telling me " I hope we don't end up like these people (they looked really really Dorkish.)
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    You've got to understand one thing about me tho and that is that my father is a conservative guy who works in an ortodox church and plays organ, so I form alittle bit of these strong opinions. I tend to like to just work easy at an appartment store and see things around me physically, rather than deepen into mathematical fields. I've been together around women. Amaterialistic. I tend to like stories alot.. But good at math. Damn damnation to destiny.

    Yeah, I think computer architecture sounds fascinating.. Altho many do? It's like the brain of the computer.. The step to robots, etc?
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    I have a friend whos father is like yours and plays the organ in church with the exception that its a Catholic Church he plays at . (comparing orthodox and catholic RARR :wink: )
    Hes currently Reading for BSc.Buisness and Computing.

    Being conservative is nothing bad, being an Extremist is bad.
    Computer architecture is very interesting, I had a friend of mine who motivated me to like it, its great if you really appreciate the complexity of the components being studied.

    I'll scan some of my Notes from my Advanced Level in Computing.
    My handwriting is a bit messy, but I'm pretty sure you'll get the idea, I'm pretty sure you wont read it anyways hehe.
    Just have a look at the underlying diagrams that represents a basic computer system.

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    No no, lol Robots..
    Basically Computer architecture basically is CPU, CPU instruction Set (assembly type) IO/Subsystem...You know of your personal computer. :smile:
    Architecture could be called the brain of the computer (processing and Input.output handling).
    At First you'll be doing a very basic processor like the INTEL 8081 processor.

    Well robots would fall into the Realm of Discrete Maths, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
    Which are Very Specialized Modules.
    They are Branches of Maths, Physics and Engineering and Computer Programming.

    In fact I think Robotics isn't offered till the Masters, as you might need to take an Engineering Masters for it, Not so Sure!

    The Step to Robots is only offered at a Degree Stage, if not after.
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    Nope. It was for the OP.

    He seemed to be missing all the good that we would not be able to do without computers.
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    lol sorry, My Bad mate.
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    Here is Some Philosophy for you Guys :biggrin:

    Ahh, come on!! Don't let Religion & traditions get to your head.

    I myself was a practicing Catholic, but I saw through the bull**** and at the moment I am an Atheist. I'm not saying we don't have Gods, I just don't believe in Religion.

    In my honest opinion: Religion unfortunately is a delusion, although one might say Christianity was formed for the Common Good, by reading a history books, one would notice that rather for the Common good, Catholicism was created for Control and Power of the Feudal System, so where many others, Orthodox Probably too, which is why the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church Survived above all other Churches.

    The Inquisition was set up at first not for Heretics, but for other Christians really, who didn't believe in the pope or the church.
    There were so many beautiful Branches of Christianity, but alas the Churches who weren't interested in God, but Power such as catholicism and orthodoxy, commited Genocide on a scale that was comparable to Stalins Power Killings of his own people.
    What did the Surviving Churches do? Scare the living Crap out of stupid peasants, and they made sure they remained Stupid, God knows what happened during the Dark ages where Mass-Book burnings took place in the name of God.
    We obviously do know the invalidity of the Pope status, when history tells us about the Sex parties the Borgia Family engaged in. And Pope Urban II proclaiming That God told him to start 7 Crusades against the Turks, which funnily enough were very unsuccessful and turned Europa and Minor Asia into a mass grave.
    Sounds like God wants more dead bodies...quite Macabre if you ask me.

    Damn God says Computers are made by Devils ?
    What ever happened to Free Will!

    While you might prefer traditions and gradual change, this doesn't mean you can't do what you Want!
    Else You are not a Conservative, but are merely conditioned to do so.
    And when you are conditioned to do so, your environment has turned to an extreme form of Conservatism such as Rightist .
    Am I correct?
    And All in all your Status Quo has nothing to do with want you want to study unless you study a Political or an Environmental Science, as it is merely a Sociological Opinion and not a Pure Scientific one.
    Pure science does not Interfere with Religion.
    Science and Religion are 2 different things...like a Fish and a Kettle to compare or mix one is a big mistake.
    Now if you're talking about God and Science ...well..thats different.

    God is the body thats sustains and/or created us, apocalypse is a radical climate change, not horses riding down from the heavens.

    My Point is Computer Science, Maths and Physics are Pure Sciences that do not coincide with Religion. If you are against Robots, you are not obligated to do them man lol.

    I don't agree with Robots, either ta. And I'm not a Conservative & love Computer Science.

    I'm in between. I take a few new things and I take a few old things and blend them into something else. :smile:
    For example: I do not look down on homosexuals, but if a homosexual had to hit on me I'd beat the crap out of him:tongue2:
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    So what's wrong with that? I rather like being alive, healthy, and happy, and technology enables that.
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    Well I could change the 'just' with 'rather'. And liking stories alot is an exaggeration.
    I don't know. Religion and science is not the same, but religion can put strict practical directions on my actions, which could tamper on my plans on minor science education.
    I'm more thinking that microscience(how far can we stretch it in width? Alot I'm sure!) is something 'temporary'. It can only go as far as our senses allows us as we tackle with smaller and smaller things until our eyes says stop and our fingers goes too clumsy. Eg. what when the diseases go smaller? So I think that in reality one should always aim to live as far as one can in balance by ones natural body and senses. And that we tend to take the problem from the wrong side, we don't embrace them directly strategically, but choose a temporary minorsolutions ad end 2050 :biggrin: A sort of dillemma maybe. Not that technology is bad, but rather overestimated. And that maybe we should have been more profitted by a big historic languatic evolution rather than a mathematical one.
    Ok, this is quite another case and a bit straight to the point: If anything, I would like to see improvements on evolution, since I consider it backwards to our old comparison with other animals, which we see as much stupidier than they really are, and most fatalisticly, because of evolution(The basis is right, but he was a biologist and no linguist or systematican, so we trust Darwin(istic thinking) too much and noncritically which is quite strange) strangely begin to think that we are also(eg talk about 'beyond good and evil' and all that nonsense) that stupid(which is because our our great imaginations), which is even stupidier since it's we that is sitting with the power to make something good with it all. Maybe we shouldn't have started to use things, but rather changed our bodies. And maybe we should have profitted more by trying by an 1000 year period to grow wings on our shoulders? :) Flying against depression? , Form our body like rubber? Blubber into a hidden rainbow cave by night with my woman, oh! :) I think our beyond good and evil thought is all too devastating on our happiness and moral. And I'm positively 95% that this realization, also in our daily practical lives, would make us and others much happier and build a better futur.
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    Well I believe in freedom of choice. and if you are interested in Linguistics, but good at Maths than Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence may be for you hehe.

    Technology has created a New branch of Linguistics and it is called Programming, and it is a Huge Revolution. From Analogue Language to Digital Machine Language 0,1 , to Mnemonics MOV AX, F200016 to Context Free Grammer BNF constructed languages such as C++, which are similar to the language you are good with such as English ..

    And the evolutionary thing about Programming languages is that they can communicate both to machine and man.

    I mean if you are a Creationist, than who am I to laugh at your face for being so Gullible, everybody has their own opinions we may try change them if we see a potential in doing so, but who are we to argue over who has the best idea?
    Creationism is basically believing Genisis Literally, a Book Written for a backward people 3000 years ago and Darwinism is about believing that the first bodies on earth evolved in to us (bacteria-> humans) over a huge period of time.
    Which is not so hard to believe when we all know we were created from a Microscopic Egg and a Microscopic Sperm in a womans womb.
    I mean if we were born by means of Storks carrying us from a baby factory from heaven, then I'd believe in Creationism.

    Good and Evil are states, they will always exist, they are Ying and Yang, +ve/-ve.
    I helped an unknown elderly woman walk down the stairs once, but I have done some horrible things in my life.
    To think that Religion will save you from the -ve state is hogwash. Take the -ve out of your life and before you know it you will start doing very -ve things, but in denial.

    Grow wings on humans?
    I thought you were conservative lol!
    Robotics is more conservative than cyborgs lol!
    You are basically turning "gods" creation into a mechanical device.
    Apart from the fact that the technology is no where near to be realized as the basis of the forms such as Bio-Computing are very immature (even though nano chips where invented and Information has been stored in analogue living cells).

    When you are JUST talking about interfacing new physical wings with the brain, you are talking of patiently waiting at least another 50-100 years.
    You'd have to create an Artificial module of the brain( creating stem-neurons which someway or another could be Programmed!, attach it someway to the brain, create an I/O interface that is All in Analogue Waves, pass pico sized cables connecting the Artificial Brain module to the wings, than you have other issues such as power distribution and how will the wings be powered ...gahhh... Health hazards to avoid I presume...
    Lol man wings on humans is far off, very Unethical because you probably need stem cells to create artificial Neurons, because of heavy testing on Animals and because of Mutilation of body.

    We're better off with Flying Cars
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    I'm looking for the day when computers are mixed with biological life. Imagine a computer that could think on it's own or that could fix it's own problems. (I hate fixing computers!!!!) To me computers are a gateway to the next type of computer whatever it may be. Humans are capable of making electronics and signals. God was capable of making biological computers so to say. Maybe one day we could too.
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    billions starving- dying of disease- suffering- ALL humans die- information lost - a whole universe/multiverse we have not yet explored- a whole universe of experience and expression we have not yet explored- a way to control/perserve all of our information and points-of-view indefinitely instead of the extinction of the self and eventually all life-
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    Invent a Storage medium that doesn't Die after humans do, then we can preserve our information properly.
    Do u think we should store them as Hieroglyphics, that worked!
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    it didn't really- we can store our basic ideas but no one has yet ever succesfully backed-up their memories- until every memory of every experience that has ever existed [or could exist in any world] is restored and freely accesible to intelligence- then we are less than we should be- until every 'being' that has died is reconstructed and allowed to live and explore every piossible aspect and experience that it can have- we are less that we should be- as long as a single bit of observed information is lost- then all of it might as well be lost and the universe never really existed in the first place- there are only two modes of existence: being and nothingness- being is immortal- nothingness includes all mortality- if a thing can cease to exist in the future then it never really existed at all- the ultimate goal of intelligence and technology then is to preserve being itself- to allow existence to actually exist-

    well tht is the SECONDARY purpose for technology at least- the primary one of course being making porn as easily accesible as possible
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