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Studying engineering (and don't know which school in CA to apply to)

  1. Nov 23, 2009 #1
    Can anyone recommend a school for me,
    I am really not satisfied with living in California, & Prefer to go to a school in Colorado, though there is a chance of out of state tuition fees being expensive.

    But if that were not the case, a school in Colorado would be nice, but which school to go to in Colorado is a good question.

    Now, In California
    Do not want to go to:
    University of CA Los ang. (Def. Do not want to go there., nor would they accept)
    Univ. Irvine
    San Diego

    Others have suggested Harvard, MIT, etc, but without thinking; these can't possibly be easy schools to get into, can they? So can anyone recommend some schools that are less competitive and will be more likely to accept a student with a fair amount of C's and W's, while offering engineering of some sort, other schools to consider, (In California, and possibly Colorado)

    Would consider Univ. of Ca Santa Barbabra , but have not heard many personal opinions about this school.

    CURIOUS: What other schools are there?
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