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Studying Engineering and Management at a German Hochschule

  1. Sep 5, 2015 #1

    I have been recently accepted into a German University of applied sciences for the degree "Engineering and management" at THI.



    I want to do the program however my relative is telling me since its a university of applied sciences I should not. I know the program is not a pure engineering program nor a business/management one but it should be enough to get me a job in a managerial position right, and if need be go for a masters without too much of a headache?

    I just wanted to know what everyones opinions are on this university and the program. Should I go for this? I have just finished school and am looking for a career either in engineering/IT (which this should be good enough for right?) or in business. It's not accredited but the classes are the same as the one for accredited courses, I really would like to work in something related to aircraft/aero. My knowledge of careers is limited but I wanted to do aerospace engineering.

    Im just looking for some genuine advice as all I got from my relative is hate (he studies at an "elite" german university).

    Would it be possible to go for a masters in aero with this program? I haven't emailed anyone asking about this but itd be nice to take your opinions.
    Are FH grads looked down upon?
    Anyone study in Germany and know of this UAS?
    What specific types of jobs would I be able to get?

    be grateful for any help
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