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Studying for long hours

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    All of us have different methods for studying.Let me know what kind of method you use and how useful It had been to you.
    I create mind maps to learn subjects that requires memorising.And when I use this method,I can learn the most boring topic continuously for 6 hours.
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    I usually get panicked and stressed when I have a lot of things to study, so I make simplified overview pages. This also makes it easier you to have a quick look at what you have studied before the exam.

    Boring subjects are really hard for me to study. I always get distracted... For such cases it's sometimes good to drink caffeinated drinks.
    Try this tea, I call it "Heavy tea" (similar to the heavy water). It consists *a lot* of green tea (several tablespoons of it) and something else. It tastes horrible.... But really works.
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    That's a good Idea too !
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    I used to make mind maps too and watch YouTube videos about the topic if they were available. I also made simple illustrations in the notes.
    What used to help me a lot was underlining important passages. I felt that if I physically move my hand under the text it makes me remember better. I always used a pen or pencil. I hate colourful highlighters, they are too distractive.
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    If I were to be energized, the last thing I would do is sit patiently in front of a book. I would get up, jump, run, and make scientific experiments (and learn from them instead of learning from reading a book). Anything that requires me to use my body except sit in front of a book. :biggrin:
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    That's... a common side effect of my tea :biggrin:
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    You are a kinesthetic learner:smile:
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    Really? That's nice, I didn't know it. :smile:
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