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Studying for physics exam

  1. Jan 8, 2007 #1
    wat do u guys when ur studying for a physics exam.any tips or anyhting helipful would be appreaciated.
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    Understand for me is the Real point of fisics....not only to decorat or anything else...understand the concepts and, using your imagination, "look" what they mean.

    More, have 1 pass always in front: when getting formulas, understand they variables, and automaticly know that when x increases, what happens to y to z keeps constant(for example) and understand why "y" increased/decreased (by another physic teory, and understand why z must keep constant (another physic teory)

    in my case, for now, it work...

    ahh, most important, realise that you are enjoying doing this kind of logical thoughts...:biggrin:
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    I always read the chapters in my book, and like Littlepig said, I try to really understand them. Try to derive the equations yourself as you read through the concepts.

    In my physics class I did less homework than my classmates but I got the higher grades on tests (don't follow my example on that though)--I felt a strong understanding of the concepts was more important than just practicing problems. (Of course, you have to do problems, too :))
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