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Studying for Psychology Compared to Biology, Kinesiology and Sociology

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    I haven't taken any Biology, Kinesiology, or Sociology courses in university, but from what I've heard from my friends and other sources the studying methods for Psychology courses are very similar to Biology, Kinesiology, or Sociology. That's not because Psychology is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates those fields (i.e. Biopsychology, which I am taking right now over the Summer, is an interdisciplinary of Biology and Kinesiology with Psychology whereas courses like Social Psychology is obviously very similar to Sociology) but I've heard in Majors like Biology, Kinesiology, and Sociology the tests and content are organized in a very similar fashion in the university level.

    For example, I've heard from my friends that Biology and Kinesiology are mostly just multiple choice exams where you have to pretty much just know almost every little fact in the textbook (i.e. even the exact details of insignificant Psychology experiment's stats in the textbook sometimes) to do well in them (as well as probably attend class of course). The same thing goes with Psychology courses.

    I've also heard from a few of my friends complain about the sheer amount of memorization needed for some Psychology courses which kinda reminds me of the complaints people had about Kinesiology and Biology courses in high school about "how much stuff we need to memorize for the tests".

    Also Psychology is very concept based where you have to memorize a large amounts of facts and concepts just like Biology or Kinesiology (especially if you are taking the more Biology and Physiology-oriented Psych courses like Biopsychology).

    By the way, I think it might be a little bit awkward asking this question on a forum primarily dedicated to Physics, but whatever I think I would like you guy's input on this question.
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