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Studying group theory

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    I'd like to learn group theory to understand QM and particle theory, and I looked at several books on discrete mathematics but they didn't mention SU groups. I'm an absolute beginner in group theory or discrete math, but I don't want to spend too much time on materials unrelated to physics. Do you have a suggestion on a good book or a good way to study group theory?
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    Well, part of the problem is that SU(2), etc, is not discrete! It's continuous and has a nontrivial topology: it's an example of a Lie group. (pronounced "lee group")
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    I have heard of Lie groups. What are the prerequisites for studying Lie groups? I don't know what topology is per se, but I have taken a Fourier analysis class. I only have a superficial knowledge about Hilbert space (not in a rigorous "theorems, proofs and q.e.d's" manner).
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