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Studying Studying techniques question

  1. Nov 29, 2009 #1
    Why do students study with other students rather than to just ask the teacher questions?
    How is it helpful to study with other students , rather than to just direct question to the teachers, is this realistic?
    In a class where the teacher is availible to answer questions, and offers to do so, why do you think some people never ask the teacher, but study in groups with each other before class, after class , on weekends etc, and never really talk to the teacher? Does anyone understand the line of reasoning?
    The students who study with other students in class, and don't ask the teacher any questions are getting really good grades, by the way.
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    There was another thread not too long ago that asked about the benefit of studying in groups. Often, fellow students will have better insights on how to absorb the new material than a professor who sees the material as second nature.

    Also, people feel more comfortable asking a "stupid" question outside of class rather than interrupt a lecture and poosibly look foolish.

    But mainly, studying with one or more people is an effecient way to get more studying time in, as described in the previous thread (which I don't have a link to since I'm posting from my phone at work.)
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    There's also a social aspect to it. Sometimes it can be fun to hang out and study with other people. Sometimes you can invite that special someone on a study date.

    There's also a time factor. Professors have limited time to dedicate to students. Sometimes you want to discuss a subject, or related subjects for extended periods of time. Some of the best learning comes from asking "what if" type questions and with a group of peers you often have the opportunity to do that for extended periods of time.
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