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Studying without glasses/ with under-corrected lenses

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    Hi everyone,

    You can call me kwen & I've got a question which has been on my mind for some time now.

    All my life I've been studying with full-powered glasses (perfect vision) and I understand that in the long run, that's not very good for the eyes due to the strain it puts on them.

    Recently, I discovered through some books on eyesight improvement the simple idea of using undercorrected lenses for moderate myopics like myself.

    I was wondering how many here actually do study using this method?
    - Moderate myopia: Read with under-corrected glasses
    - Low myopia: Read without glass

    I'm asking this question because as an engineering undergrad, I have to sometimes plow through many textbooks and stare at questions for the longest period of time, and that's probably bad for my eyes. (A 10-minute break for the eyes helps, but if one's studying for hours at a go, a better approach (to protect the eyes) is needed?)

    Any comments are much appreciated! Thank you! :smile:

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    Chi Meson

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    I am not an eye-specialist, and I have Hyperopia, so what I say might not apply.

    The tiny muscles responsible for adjustment of your eye's lens (compensation) can become fatigued when they are forced to do extra work for us far-sighters. This leads to headaches.

    For near-sighters (myopics), the ancillary muscles need to relax as much as possible when reading.

    But computer work requires a focus that shifts often and quickly between near and mid-distance (keyboard or book to monitor). If you are wearing a prescription for reading or far-distance, then either way your eyes will at one point be over-working trying to overcompensate for either near or far.

    So when I am doing computer work, I need to use glasses that are rated between my far and near corrective powers. (This is far more significant for far-sighters than near-sighters, though).

    So with all the caveats above, it seems logical to me to use under-rated glasses. You will know if it works or not. Try it first with cheap $10 glasses. Also, ask a professional.
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