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Stumped about GR contradiction -help please

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    Stumped about GR "contradiction"--help please

    Apparently some crackpot blew some $$ on a full page ad in a science magazine, claiming to show that there black holes don't exist because GR contradicts itself about them. I haven't seen the ad, but there's also a blog about it and a thread about it on another forum that you can see by googling for "no black holes (general relativity". I studied black holes & know a little GR, but I can't see the problem. Discussion at another site hasn't shown what's wrong with it. Can y'all help me see it please?

    I'm aware that only limited discussion is allowed here about claims of problems with generally accepted physics. That's fine, but since unfounded claims of problems are easy to make in both directions, if this thread is closed before rebuttal can be made (by me, if I can!), can you please continue in the other thread? Thanks! While I don't wish to support a crackpot's delusion, I also want to know the real problem with it; the problems listed on the other thread are not real problems with the blog as far as I can tell.
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    Welcome to PF heiwos.

    I've performed your google search and have indeed found the thread at that other forum. I note in the first line that this was an advert in New Scientist. Since this is not the most respected of magazines, I find it hardly surprising that they will publish crackpot ads. Thus, unless you have a link to a published, peer-reviewed paper on the subject, PF rules forbid the discussion of it here.

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