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Stumped on Visual Studio / Visual Basic

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    If anyone has some experience with the following (even if you're not an expert), I would really appreciate talking to you (I am a novice):
    Visual Studio.Net
    Visual Basic.NET
    adding a reference

    Basically, I am trying to compile a bare-bones snippet of code and seem to be running into some sort of version conflict when adding the dll as a reference.

    I've tried a couple of fora about this (Windows Media, The Code Project, Tek Tips), but I'm not getting any traffic.

    If you can't offer advice, could you point me to somewhere/one that could?

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    Try asking your questions on one of the microsoft dev news groups.

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    My MS isn't working right now, big surprise. But if I remember correctly if you go to the panel on the right that shows all the files in the project you can right click and then "add file to project".
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    Yeah, sorry, not that much of a novice.

    My application wants a reference to interop_msxml. If I add that reference to the project, it will automagically create that file in the runtime folder. When I go to compile, it turns around and tells me that it can't copy the file tot eh runtime folder since it would overwrite the existing file.

    There are two versions of the file giving me trouble, I just don't understand how. They're not even the same filename:
    interop_msxml.dll v2.0.0.0
    interop.MSXML.dll v9.0.0.3963
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    Dave, have you solved this yet? if so what happened? If not, could you list more of the project goals and what you did to get the error? I could attempt to setup a VS.net project but need more info. VS.net is smart and could be adding references automatically
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