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Stupid Amplitude HELP

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    Stupid Amplitude...HELP!!

    So Im working on some phys homework and I had a question about this problem:
    If the Amplitude of a sound wave is quadrupled, by what factor will the intensity increase?

    And I thuoght that the relationship between Intensity and amplitude was that Intensity is proportional to the Square of Amplitude....and i dont know for sure...Can you all help?
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    This looks very much like a question that was in the k-12 section
    and I will give the same answer:

    You CAN'T do this if you don't know the relationship between amplitude and intensity- I'll bet that's in your text book: Look it up!
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    well the whole reason i came here was because i couldnt find a direct relationship in my book about it....I tried figuring different things out but its still not the right answer. So, thats why im totally lost with this question.
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