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Stupid answer!

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    What would really be the dumbest answer you ever heard? I've heard so many it's hard to pick. When I was younger I heard this one. Some one said, "who farted?" Someone answered, "LeRoy farted!"
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    Not the dumbest "answer", but just plain dumb.

    A guy we hired years ago - every time he'd start up his laptop, the usual disclaimer would appear saying that the system was proprietary and for authorized users only. EVERYTIME he'd turn the damn thing on he'd call out "it's telling me I am not authorized again, what do I do?" He was dead serious. He didn't last long.
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    How about that kinda-dumb response "If he's so smart then why is he dead?" I cant think of anything really, mind blank. Ill think of something later, brainpan fried, short circuited, me make coherent sentences no now right.
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