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Stupid insurance companies

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    Well I'm 17, and my car insurance billf or full coverage is around 260 dollars a month. I cannot afford this. I have no job, and my parents are paying for my car insurance now, they said that if I get a job I could pay for it, but they will not let me do it since it is so expensive (its ridiculous). Now my 2003 hondai (however you spell it) car is gone. My parents took off the insurance.

    Now I have no car, and no way to get to college, and a car that I would've got for free, I have to spend thousands of dollars on a car. Also, my parents don't have a college fund for me, so I also have to pay a few million dollars to be an airline pilot or a doctor.

    Also, most of all, I even have a student discount. It would normally bel ike 300 bucks, crazy!

    And most important, they charge males a HUGE premium because they think males are more agreesive drivers than females! What a load of CRAP! This is lunacris! I drive more cautiously than ANY female, any teenager would do. When I do actually drive, I am extremely, extremely careful. I also don't drive muc, since I'm afraid I will get in an accident.
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    Me too, I've been driving since I was 17, and been stung with plenty of ridiculous premiums.

    The fact is, we're in the highest risk demographic. It's a bugger, because I'm careful and sensible, have been driving 15,000 miles a year for the past 4 years, and haven't had an accident. However, many of my contemporaries who are indistinguishable on paper do drive like twats, have accidents, and cause claims to be paid. We're paying for their stupidity. It's turd, but it's life.

    Just deal with it, keep driving sensibly, don't have any accidents, and look forward to when you're 25 with full no-claims bonus and it drops by a load.
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    Fact of life man. Just get good grades. A lot of insurance companies will give discounts for students w/ good grades. Also take defensive driving class. IT IS WORTH IT. Insurance companies usually give a discount for that too. You also get "negative points" for taking defensive driving, so if you are pulled over for speed or running a red light etc. the negative points will cancel the points that would have gotten added to your record which means your insurance rates won't go up (run on sentence i know). Also buy a car with 4 doors (less insurance) and one that isn't on the list of top 10 most stolen vehicles.
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