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Stupid interpretation?

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    I don't know where I can post my question that will certainly appear to be a kind of heresy or the proof of my naivity. We all have learnt the duality between wave and associated particle (or the way around). Some particles are carrying an electric charge. This means in reality that if the vacuum "where" this particle-wave is propagating is seen as a kind of geometric neutral medium, then the thing which is propagating corresponds in fact equivalently to a kind of local polarisation... Well, here is the mental jump and probably the crazzy idea [related to an other thread: fermion + fermion = boson; (p+) + (e-) ---> H]: in which way could we interpret the electron as a negative charged surface going forward in the time and the proton as its positive charged back size surface? The distance in between would be the thickness of this propagating surface?
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