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Stupid nuetrinos

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    I am having real problems fitting nuetrinos into my mental models of the world,when i think of strong,electromagnetic and gravitational interactions i find it much easier to work with because theres always something tangible i can relate it to,fermions,light or falling for example,but when i try to fit the weak interaction in i get lost,is there a weak field? how far can W and Z bosons travel?what are the nuetrinos doing all this time if not interacting,do they intereact with eachother ,do superposition rules apply to them?if so can they be made coherent? every time i try to fit them in i feel lost,does anyone else have such problems fitting them in to their pictures of the world?

    when i first read of them,the nuetron intercations seemed quite simple,the idea of a nuetrino causing flavour change then spitting out an electron and anti nuetrino seemed fine,but the more i learn of them the less they make any sense to me,are they just the different between the energies exchanged in the interaction,please help me im lost!

    is there a starting place you guys would suggest for getting them more under my control,books i should read etc?
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    Big relief – I was afraid that there was a new sort of neutrino discovered: 3 known flavors, then sterile, then stupid :)
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    Well, we already have strange quarks... why not? :D
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    When the unhelpful jokers have departed, you could perhaps try (re?)-reading the sticky
    thread in this forum entitled "Elementary particles presented". There's lots of
    references to relevant sources therein.
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