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Stupid question about fabric dye

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    Dumb question, but I know nothing about fabrics. I want to dye my computer sleeve (organic cotton canvas) a different color but I don't want to do so if its going to look terrible. Its currently dyed a brownish color and I want to dye it dark black. Can I do this since its already been dyed a different color? Will the dyes mix and give me a brownish black or if I leave it in the water/dye solution long enough will become only black?
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    I have no idea, Topher. But I think that since it's cotton, it should take a dark dye just fine.

    Wash it first to remove any sizing that may be on it, and I wouldn't use fabric softeners.

    I say, go for it...I mean, what's the worst that could happen?
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    The chemistry of dyes is actually pretty complex, with different types using different molecular bonding methods. Your best bet might be to ask someone at a local fabric shop, or at least someone in the textile business. My guess is that it should work fine as long as you use a compatible formulation.
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