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Stupid question but

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    Ok we did a force vs acceleration graph in class, and got an equation from it(couldnt use Y and X for the equation). The question is explain why the equation is F=ma in disguise. Obviously it is, like force is the y, slope is the mass etc, but how can I actually explain it is?
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    So force is your y, acceleration is x, and mass is the slope. Do you know the relationship found in the graph that relates to the axes and slope?
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    For a linear equation y=mx+b...

    Here we are neglecting b, the y-intercept. What does that leave us?
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    But the teacher said we couldn't use X and Y...
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    I don't understand what he/she wants from you. How are you supposed to explain the relationship between variables on a linear graph without using x and y??

    The only way I can see how is to generalize and say that basically a linear graph has these relationships with the axes and slope... but without mentioning the axes that will be a bit vague.
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    The acceleration is the indep. variable, the force is the dep variable. They have a directly proportional relationship by a scalar quantity 'm'
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    may be what your teacher wants is to show that
    Y=F (force)
    X=a (acceleration)
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    Alight I got it now, thanks.
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