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Homework Help: Stupid question

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    this will probably seem like a really stupid question but here goes.

    If z = 3 + 2i find the following

    i) z

    ii) z x z(with a horizontal line above it)

    iii) z^2

    what does the horizontal bar mean, i can't find it in my reivsion books lol.

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    I suspect that a) was [itex]\overline{z}[/itex] rather than just z itself!

    [itex]\overline{z}[/itex] is the "complex conjugate", a remarkably useful form: if z= x+ iy then [itex]\overline{z}[/itex]= x- iy.
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    and yes a) was suposed to be [itex]\overline{z}[/itex] lol
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